Buy shoes for tennis not for sports to perform better

For a good sport, all you need is a perfect pair of shoes. Commonly people consider that a good sports shoe is enough for all kinds of sports. In real, only good sports, shoes are not enough for every sport and to improve performance. All the sports have their own specifications and requirements. You need to prepare your kit and accessories according to the requirement. It will help you to make real progress in the overall performance.

Commonly, tennis players in the beginning search for a pair of good ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe. They consider it is enough for them to be comfortable in playing tennis but it is not. If you want to excel in comfort while playing tennis then you need to get the right shoes for that. The shoes designed for tennis are systematically assembled to ensure proper fit and grip on feet when playing tennis.

The manufacturers consider the requirements and movements of feet when playing tennis so they provide something suitable for it. Gender specific range of tennis shoes is ideal for all the players as it lets them to have ultimate ease and comfort.

Make your selection right

No matter if you are an emerging or established tennis player, your shoe selection should be right in any case. It is necessary to invest the right time and money. You need to pay attention to the model and make of the shoe so you will end up with the right thing. Something that is designed for your gender will give you all the necessary coverage so you can perform better. Models for females are different in make, size and padding as well. Females have smaller and lighter feet with different pressure points so they need support at different points. While in men, pressure points are quite different so they need another type of support and make as a whole.

What makes tennis shoes ideal?

On your way to get the best tennis shoes, it is important to know the best points that make a pair of shoe ideal for tennis players. With the help of these identifications, it is easy to identify the best pair of shoes for your game.

Outer and inner sole
Fabric quality
Basic foot design  
Overall make

All these mentioned qualities are essential in any tennis shoe as it makes it ideal and efficient. You need to consider whether the sole is comfortable and of good quality or not. The fabric should be breathable so it keeps the temperature controls. The overall make and basic foot design should be in a proper sync to give you ultimate comfort and mobility.

ASICS Men’s Gel Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe

When it comes to a comfortable and long lasting shoe then it is necessary for you to hit the right option. For men the shoe needs to be heavy duty as they have a stronger core and body weight to manage. In this regard, ASICS Men’s Gel Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe is the ideal match for them. It comes with some of the amazing and advanced features that provide players a great support for ideal grip and hit. The shoe is designed to help the players with the best performance.

It comes with the imported style 100% synthetic textile that is very breathable and makes it an idea fit for long hours. Moreover, the rubber sole and low top from arch helps to keep the feet stability on floor and let the feet feel comfortable as well. It gives an ultimate ease of stability to the feet and keep the performance up. The shoe is specifically designed for the male gender by keeping the high-density top layers in the mid sole in comparison to the female model. The mid sole compression provides the player to have better bounce and quick feet movement in the court during the game.

It is amazing to know about some of the extensive features coming up with the shoes so you will end up with the best sports gear and ultimate performance.

Top Features

Imported synthetic fiber – the outer make of the shoe is the synthetic fiber that is imported and of best quality. It makes the shoe breathable and amazing to wear even in extreme conditions.

Rubber sole – the rubber sole gives you an amazing bounce that makes jumping and response in the game easy. It can bear the weight and extreme hits on the floor as well. It reduces the chances of breakage and damage as well.

Rear foot and fore foot GEL cushioning system – during a shock action there can be an impact on your feet especially the toe and back area. The shoe is designed to provide a comfortable and stable support that helps to maintain balance and stand back on feet. It helps to avoid inner foot injury and keeping up the things well managed.

PGuard Toe Protector – the shoe comes with an extended toe protection to provide ultimate safety. Commonly during tennis toe is the soft target when moving so the extra guard for toes helps to provide the ultimate protection. It makes easier for you to move and keep the control of your movement and stability as well.


The shoe comes with a wide range of ultimate benefits that can help you to reach the perfection in tennis. It proves to be an ideal shoe for men that makes game comfortable and energetic:


100% synthetic imported textile


Flexion fit upper for ultimate fit


Rare and fore foot cushioning GEL


Exclusive toe guard


Strong rubber sole


6-month outer sole


Gender specific cushioning and design


Ultimate floor grip and impact control


When it comes to the consumer reviews of the shoe pair it is not possible to find any specific negatives of the shoes. It is one of the highly suggested products if you are looking for the gender specific tennis shoes and wants to make a real difference in your overall performance.

Additional benefits

ASICS Men’s Gel Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe comes with ultimate benefits of its gender specification that you may not find in other shoe options. It’s designated models for men and women makes it easy to distinguish among the pairs and makes it easy to select. You can access the best grip, support and performance improvement with the help of ultimate pair of shoe.

Top don’ts while selecting best tennis shoes

Commonly you have heard about the dos of selecting the best tennis shoes. It is rare that someone guides you about don’ts of selecting sports shoes. Sometimes, it is necessary to focus on what not to do instead of learning what to do. It helps you to avoid some of the important issues and loops in the overall decisions making. Here we are providing you some tips on things to avoid when you are shopping for your sports or tennis shoes. It helps to pick up the right option and come forward with some of the extensive results as well.

Never be general

When it comes to get your tennis shoes, it means you need some sports shoes in general terms. It is certainly not the case. Tennis shoes means tennis specific shoes not any random sports shoes. The shoes comes under the title of sports are the casual shoes but the tennis shoes are specifically designed for the sport and lets you to have all the comfort and ease. You should never settle for the general sports shoes; in fact make a better selection for the proper tennis shoes.

Compromising on size

You should go for a fit size when it is about shoes and it will lose the grip to make your feet relaxed a common ideology. It is a fact that shoes do have a margin of elasticity but in sports shoes this trick does not work. You are getting new shoes to make your feet comfortable not so pass it through any kind of torture. So, make sure you are not compromising on size and will pick up a comfortable size.

No trials

Another major mistake you are going to do when buying new tennis shoes is not trials. We look at design and shoe size then finalize it. Instead, we need to have its trial, trial refers to wearing the shoe and walking with it to ensure you are feeling relaxed and has all tips and toes comfortable as well.

Going only for brands

If you have heard of a brand’s article then you should try it but do not rely on it as it was good for other so you will be comfortable with it. Sometimes, there can be something else good for you so you need to hunt down your options to get the ultimate results.

Bottom line

Focus the make and style of the tennis shoes instead of colors and brand only. Only rely on the sports expert companies to get your tennis shoes and consider the gender specification in the shoes. It helps you to get the best comfort and improve the overall performance.